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The world is aware that the Rohingya people are the most vulnerable victim minority group who have been suffering from ethnic cleansing/genocide and conflict for decades. The violation on the Rohingya people by the Burmese Government is never ending and the government are showing no sign that they will stop torturing the innocent people and give them their nationality and human rights. The recent conflict in Myanmar has created a severe and worsening humanitarian crisis. Countless people have been killed and over half a million men, women and children are in desperate need of shelter, clothes, food, water and education.

BRCUK is working for helpless Rohingya in Burma and Bangladesh, BRCUK is formed on the ground to provide emergency support and assistance. This is done by providing food, water, shelter, basic education and essential items to thousands of Rohingya people who have been displaced due to massacre/genocide.  More than 200,000 people have been displaced and more than 460,000 have been affected by the recent oppress.

These people urgently need your help and we request you to please help those in need!

BRCUK is at the forefront of tackling poverty and providing assistance to thousands of people across the country and at two unregistered refugees camp in Bangladesh and elsewhere in Cox’s Bazar area.  BRCUK is vital in providing emergency assistance and making sure long-term development projects reach thousands of Rohingya people in desperate need throughout Myanmar and Bangladesh.

                        AIDs ON THE GROUND ESTIMATED PLAN

  • To build 350 temporary Tent materials can be waterproof/plastic tents. This is an urgent need for new arrival Rohingya in Bangladesh.
  • To rebuild and renovate four schools in the unregistered refugees camp in order to provide basic education to Rohingya children. BRCUK has been providing a wide range of services to support the children to study in the host community who are internally displaced and became the refugee in Bangladesh. Such services include; distribution of stationeries, school furniture, school refurbishment and organising training sessions for the local teachers.
  • To supply urgent primary treatment and clean water (Building Well and tubewell for the community that don’t have access to clean water) Helping thousands of Rohingya people by supplying water bottle primarily to protect themselves from waterborne diseases.
  • To supply medicines/medical care to those in emergency need. Many Rohingya are suffering from various diseases such as; diarrhoea, malnutrition, typhoid and malaria.
  • To provide food, clothes and winter essentials.


The Rohingya Refugees desperately need your help!

BRCUK is working at its full capacity to reach those in need but we cannot continue our work without you. 

November 2019
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